Function Description

Triple guarantee of service stability

Adopt a high-availability SQL Server solution to provide active/standby imaging, auto failover and database cold backup; this improves data availability and prevents loss caused by abnormal shutdowns

Efficient database management

With the Tencent Cloud console, you can easily manage configuration instances and databases; including account and permission configurations, parameter settings and backup file restorations

Monitoring and alerts

Monitors key indicators of the SQL Server such as performance load, resource utilization and database instance connection in an overall manner; also allows setting alert thresholds, thereby helping you better maintain your database

Security and audit

Supports item- and user role-based flexible management, blocks non-Tencent Cloud operations and adopts multi-authentication. It records sensitive user operations in real time and ensures that all operations are traceable; this greatly reduces management risks.

Licensed SQL Server

Tencent has purchased CDB product licenses for SQL Servers from Microsoft, so users do not need to worry about additional payments

Supports SSMS

Supports configuration and deployment of SQL Server Management Studio, allowing developers to use and manage SQL Servers conveniently with an interactive management screen

Support .NET

Reduces time and cost of management systems, .NET architecture and Visual Studio Team Systems. Developers can use it to create better and more complex enterprise-level applications

More than a relational database

Provides multiple value-added services; and a programmable, reliable, manageable and more secure comprehensive solution for your data platform


Product Advantages

Advantage CDB for SQLServer Self-built SQL Server
Cluster architecture

Cluster architecture is more stable.

Non-cluster architecture

Only basic SQL Server capabilities are available. Failures occur easily as only one machine is deployed.

Disaster recovery
One master/one image configuration (cross-rack deployment)

In case of a data center network failure, only limited services can be provided

Standalone system

Manual disaster recovery operations; highly relies on hardware robustness

HDFS backup

Backup data will not be lost, with data reliability at 99.9996%.

Local machine by default

Backup data is prone to loss in case of device failures

Connection security
Connect to cluster gateway

More secure control and flexible forwarding are provided.

Connect to database server

Security is low and only database permissions are used for control.

Permission security
Only basic permissions

System admin accounts are not provided for security reasons. Permissions for normal accounts are enough for 90% of all scenarios.

OS-level permissions

Flexible but high risk

Flexible configurations
Flexible configuration and adjustment

Flexible adjustments and configurations are allowed according to service requirements.

Fixed configurations

Machine configuration is fixed, and doesn't conform with changing needs.

Support system
Complete cloud support system

Instance management, monitoring, and security protection are supported on the cloud.


Users need to build the support system.