Product Overview

Advantage Cloud Physical Machine Hosting Server
High-quality network

It is used in core network node data centers and provides excellent 20-line BGP bandwidth.

Long delay, instability

It is used in non-core network node data centers, and provides single-line and 3-line BGP bandwidth.

Combination of virtual machines and physical machines, fast expansion

It complements CVMs through private networks to implement fast expansion.

No flexibility

Transaction activity such as purchasing, transportation, rack rentals, deployment and racking, all need to be assigned in advance.

24x7 Ops

Professional Ops personnel are stationed on site to rapidly respond and handle hardware, system, and network failures 24x7.

Difficulties in Ops

Lack of professional services; slow response speed; handling duration cannot be guaranteed.

3-D protection, professional support

Multiple types of professional protection including DDoS protection, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning are provided.

Vulnerable to attacks

Users need to build a security module. The technology threshold is high and building costs are expensive.

Integrated monitoring

The integrated monitoring view is provided for users to learn the CVM running status in real time.

Weak in monitoring

Users need to build a monitoring module. The process is complex, and building costs are high.

Purchase on demand, pay-by-traffic

No need for large investments of capital.

High cost

Users need to invest a large amount of capital in order to purchase devices, and there are device depreciation risks.


Function Description

  • Multiple regions and multiple availability zones

    Tencent Cloud data centers are distributed in multiple locations in the world, covering Southern China, Eastern China, and Northern China. Oversea nodes cover Hong Kong and North America. These data centers will ensure that our users' global service requirements are met.
  • Variety of models to choose from

    The following CPM models are available:
    Configuration Applicable Scenario
    Storage type

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 (6-core) * 2
    RAM: 64G
    Storage: 4*1.8T SSD, 1*80G SSD

    Large processing, database
    High I/O CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2670v3 (12-core) * 2
    Storage: Raid, 12*800G SSD
    Large game, database
    Computing type CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2670v3 (12-core) * 2
    Storage: Raid, 12*300G SAS
    3D rendering, audio and video processing
    Standard type CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 (6-core) *2
    RAM: 64G
    Storage: HBA, 12*2T SATA, 1*80G SSD
    Applicable to medium- and small-sized Web applications and databases.
  • Flexible charging mode

    CPMs support annual/monthly fee modes. Users do not need to invest a large amount of capital all at once in order to build an infrastructure.
  • Multi-tenant isolation

    VXLAN technology is used to implement hardware overlaying to isolate physical servers of different tenants, guaranteeing server security.
  • Cloud load balance

    A dedicated cluster is used to implement Layer-4 and Layer-7 load balance services for public/private networks. The public network load balance can be configured based on domain names.
  • Elastic public IP

    When CVM malfunctions, the elastic public IP allows you to rapidly re-map the IP address to another healthy CVM, thereby masking the CVM failure.
  • High-quality network

    The BGP network supports access of all mainstream carriers in China. When a failure occurs in the influx of a public network, CPMs can implement inter-domain scheduling within seconds.
  • Custom virtual private cloud

    The virtual private cloud can be used to build independent network space for physical servers. It also allows customizing subnet classification and routing policies.
  • Outband management

    CPMs provide a dedicated management network independent of the data network. Even if the data network fails or hardware crashes, Ops personnel can still remotely manage and maintain faulty devices through the outband management system.
  • Server login

    Users can login to and manage physical servers securely and conveniently over SSL VPN.
  • Complete device control permission

    Users can remotely manage CVMs through the Tencent Cloud console and perform startup, restart, OS installation, and other operations.
  • Abundant security services safeguard your business.

    CPMs support various security services including DDoS protection, DNS hijacking detection, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, Webpage Trojan detection, and login protection to safeguard your CVMs.
  • Intrusion detection

    CPMs support professional website Trojan detection and other security functions. CPMs use a professional analysis model to periodically detect websites, in an effort to discover Trojans in a timely manner and notify you of discovered Trojans.
  • Vulnerability scanning

    CPMs use a distributed scanning system, which notifies users of identified website vulnerabilities in a timely manner by using prompts or short messages. The professional vulnerability fixing guide can help you fix a website vulnerability within 3 minutes.
  • Multi-indicator monitoring

    CPMs provide multiple load and performance indicators relevant to physical servers, including CPU, memory and disk utilization.
  • Custom alert thresholds

    Alert triggering thresholds for different monitoring indicators, alert recipients and receiving modes can all be customized.
  • Alert channel service

    CPMs provide custom alert channel services.