Our Advantages

High performance

Higher read/write performance than traditional services; capable of easily dealing with massive amounts simultaneous data

Stability and reliability

99.99% service availability, high-quality disaster recovery

Easy to use

No need to install; one-click subscription; auto expansion; professional support team

Security protection

Multiple security protection methods; professional support team


Function Description

Hot data cache

High-performance cache for hot data; greatly improving system performance

Supports massive concurrency

Solves memory data reliability, distribution and consistency issues; making the development of mass access services easier and simpler

Compatible with the Memcached protocol

Complies with the Memcached protocol and supports data persistency. It is applicable to scenarios where Memcached and TTServer are applicable.

Real-time monitoring & auto expansion

Provides all-around real-time monitoring. If the daily increase of service data is lower than 20%, the Ops system automatically conducts expansion and users won't need to worry about it.