Product Overview

Advantage Tencent Cloud CDN Traditional Source Site Access
Amazing speed and global coverage

Over 500 nodes around Mainland China. A single machine supports the performance of 2 million QPS and more than 20 Tbit/s bandwidth.

Over 50 nodes outside China, covering more than 30 countries and regions and supports seamless cross-region switching of services.

Top-notch acceleration capability surpasses similar products by 30% and withstands testing by mass services such as QQ and WeChat.

Slow user access

It relies on a single source site and cannot break through the server performance bottleneck; with long delays for user access.

Link optimization, smart scheduling

Learn the link quality of the entire network, eliminate hijacking, and help users rapidly gain the best access paths

A Tencent-developed scheduling system supports rapid and smart scheduling of peak traffic bursts, thereby ensuring service stability and smoothness

Provide acceleration solutions for multiple business models such as bandwidth burst, high I/O, and large traffic models.

Poor link quality

The link selection depends on carrier distribution and bandwidth; this makes it impossible to guarantee the best path and smart scheduling

A variety of services; diversified support

Supports streaming on demand, live telecasting, as well as RTMP, FLV, and HLS live telecasting

Provides one-stop acceleration solutions covering media resource storage and access authentication

Supports static picture acceleration, dynamic acceleration, and large file downloading, and provides technical architecture support for different services, achieving better performance

Provides the console and API management methods to streamline personalized management

Single architecture support

Different services are supported by a single architecture, causing management inconvenience and high Ops costs.

Secure, transparent, and affordable

Uses multi-dimensional service data reports to conduct real-time monitoring throughout the network

Supports remote disaster recovery, automatic failover within milliseconds, and self-service troubleshooting

The Dayu system developed by Tencent comprehensively protects the network against DDoS and CC attacks

Provides free third-party certificate solutions to offer services to users that are more secure and reliable

Enjoys FREE and special offers, and multiple billing modes

Weak system

The system cannot independently defend against security threats. Additional security services need to be purchased, increasing costs.


Product Features

Super Node Capability
  • Cache hierarchy

    The LRU hotspot file eviction algorithm is used to dynamically identify user data popularity. User data is stored based on cache layers and SATA/SSD is combined to balance the speed and costs and achieve reasonable use of resources.

  • NWS customized nodes

    With the high-performance server developed by Tencent, and the usage of DiskTank; memory overhead is reduced and cache performance is increased.

  • Data center cluster

    OSPF Layer-3 load balance, NWS Cache+ Layer-7 load balance, and cluster self-management inside OC achieves simple and easy Ops, while improving reliability.

Smart Scheduling System
  • Global load balance

    The GSLB scheduling system independently developed by Tencent enables a standalone system that supports millions of domain names and second-level scheduling. 302 re-direction service clusters are deployed globally to help users find the best access points.

  • Smart routing

    Content of small traffic is pulled as required and the content of large traffic is distributed actively. Tencent's smart routing technology is used to make distribution more efficient.

  • Packet loss rate reduction

    The dynamic redundancy transfer technology is adopted to reduce the impact of packet loss on data transfer efficiency.

Secure and Efficient Protection System
  • Real-time monitoring

    All-around and multi-dimensional monitoring is provided to monitor domain name parsing exceptions and hijacks in real time. In addition, the high-efficiency firewall independently developed by Tencent boosts protection.

  • Powerful DDoS and CC protection

    Distributed security protection, in combination with the SYNX module independently developed by Tencent, filters out malicious attack packets on normal traffic; giving users a peace of mind.

  • Multiple authentication modes for encryption

    SSL proxy and HTTPS acceleration support certificates provided by customers and third-party free certificates provided by Tencent Cloud, making connections more secure.

Convenient and Flexible Operations
  • Simple access

    The CDN supports domain name-based, COS, and other access modes, simplifying operations.

  • Diversified management

    The console and APIs are available for managing domain names and multiple optimization functions can be configured.

  • Flexible billing

    Users can use traffic- or bandwidth-based billing; and fees are collected according to the usage amount.



Users can select traffic- or bandwidth-based billing modes.