Product Overview

Dimensions Cloud Database DIY Database

No software or hardware investments required, multiple selections (high I/O edition and high-capacity edition) are available, with on-demand fees.

Single storage servers are costly (2 devices are required for master/slave mode, which may cause resource redundancies)
Extra costs for recruitment of professional DBA engineers


The optimized core delivers performance as high as 245509 QPS, far surpassing normal DIY databases

Performance relies on technician skills.

Service availability

Service availability stands at the top of the industry at 99.95%. It supports dual hot backup and quick failover within seconds. A professional support team provides 24x7 service, 1-on-1 guidance, and QQ remote assistance.

Faults need to be rectified by users, and users need to build the master/slave mode and RAID.

Data reliability

Data reliability reaches 99.9996%. It adopts an excellent auto data backup system, and a restoration mechanism that prevents loss (real-time two-node cluster hot backup, complete restoration for data generated within 3 days, and cold backup data dumps generated within 5 days)

Relies heavily on the stability of hardware and the skills of technicians


Over 20 monitoring items and real-time fault pre-alarms

Need to develop a database monitoring system, and Ops staff need to be on standby 24x7


- Tencent Cloud provides all-around ops services including installation, deployment, version update, and troubleshooting of the MySQL database

-Auto master/slave switching, troubleshooting, and data migration without changes of IP and ports

- Need to install, deploy, update, and troubleshoot MySQL database on your own

- After switching between master and slave, the user needs to reconfigure IP and ports for database connection


Function Description

High Performance
  • Performance guaranteed by reliable hardware

    Guarantees database accessibility with the help of outstanding IO performance of PCI-E SSD
    A single instance supports the maximum performance of 245509 QPS and 1 TB storage space.
  • Flexible billing mode

    Pay-by-package and Pay-by-traffic modes are provided for different service scenarios.
    Pay-by-package: purchase service packages on a time basis according to your actual needs, avoiding large investments on infrastructure
    Pay-by-traffic: you're charged on actual data usage. You can subscribe/terminate database instances any time you like. This mode is suitable for services with bursts of peak traffic.
  • Read and write separable

    CDB for MySQL supports mounting of read-only instances and one-master/multi-slave infrastructure, so as to cope with mass service requests. In addition, it supports RO groups with the load balance function, greatly simplifying the process of load distribution among slave devices.
  • DDoS protection

    Defend against all types of DDoS attacks
  • Database attack protection

    Defend against database attacks such as SQL injection and brute force cracking
  • High storage reliability

    Stores 2 copies (master and slave) of data online to ensure security of live business data. In addition, it uses a backup mechanism to store backup data for multiple days in case of disasters.
  • Real-time hot backup

    Adopts real-time dual cluster hot backup, and supports complete restoration of data generated within 3 days and cold backup data dumps generated within 5 days.
  • Auto disaster recovery

    Auto detect faults and migrate data in the case of breakdown; auto master/slave switching and failovers
Easy to use
  • Easy management of mass Databases

    Manage your cloud database via CLI and Web. It also supports batch database management, permission setting, and SQL importing.
  • Data importing and backup restoration

    Complete initialization via multiple data importing methods. Data is backed up automatically every day, and the CDB can roll-back to any point within 3 days using backup files
  • Professional monitoring and alarm

    Supports multi-dimensional monitoring and customization of resource alarm thresholds, and provides slow query analysis reports and supports downloading of complete SQL operation reports
  • Multiple access modes

    Supports access to public network and VPC, and can interconnect the cloud database to the IDC, private cloud, or other computing resources by using these access modes so as to easily adapt to the hybrid cloud environment.