Product Advantages

Dimensions Service Item Cloud Database CVM DIY Database Traditional DIY Database
High reliability
Automatic data backup
Data restoration at any point in time
DDoS protection
SQL audit
Interception of SQL injection and brute force cracking
Real-time master/slave hot backup
Automatic failover
Flexible expansion
Read/write splitting
One master/multiple slaves
Easy to use
Automatic alarm
Professional database monitoring
Database O&M cost
Device cost
24x7 service
Professional database consultation

Product Highlights

Excellent performance, flexible model selection

The CDB provides multiple storage medium models. You can select a desired model based on your service conditions.

  • The enterprise-level Solid State Disk (SSD) is based on a high-speed PCIExpress API, and provides hardware acceleration. The high IO edition is specially designed for high-performance OLTP applications and provides performance speeds as high as 245509 QPS.
  • The large-capacity edition is affordable and cost-effective, and uses common SSDs as the storage medium.

Pay-by-traffic, flexible expansion

  • Users can select pay-by-traffic accurate to the second, or adopt the more affordable annual/monthly fee mode; depending on business requirements.

Easy to use, worry-free migration

  • Users can complete database deployment to access in just a few simple steps, without the need for a pre-prepared infrastructure; and without the need to install and maintain database software.
  • The CDT data transfer tool provided by CDB allows for smooth migration of big data onto the cloud.
  • Provides both CLI and web-based database management; and supports batch database management, permission settings, and SQL importing.
  • A variety of data import approaches are available for initialization. Backup data is automatically generated daily; and cloud database backup files may be retrieved at any time within 3 days.

High availability of services; high data reliability

  • Provides real-time hot backup of master/slave data to ensure the security of online data. At the same time, multi-copy backup mechanisms store data for many days, greatly improving data reliability in the event of a disaster.
  • A real-time dual-node cluster hot backup is used; providing flawless recovery of data within 3 days; and dumping of cold backup data generated within 5 days.
  • Automatic downtime detection and automatic failover in case of breakdowns. While the active/standby switchover and failover processes are transparent to the user.
  • Multi-dimensional monitoring, custom resource threshold alerts, slow query analysis reports, and SQL full operations reporting.

Professional team

  • Comprehensive tuning of system parameters, with integration of database patches given Tencent’s many years of experience.
  • Optimizes open source database performance, service, and bug fixes; providing users with a better database experience.