Our Advantages

Mass Data

Thousands of verification code types, millions of security strategies, and PB-level data of black industries

High Accuracy

Identify malicious data with 90% accuracy


Proven with "Net Clearing" actions; and cooperation with companies such as Jingdong and Jumei

Easy-to-use, low cost

Standard APIs make it easier for developers, and supports monthly payments; reducing costs



Verification Codes

Various types of verification codes are provided for PC and mobile users; real-time counterplans for transformation.

Anti Spamming

Detect, identify and stop suspicious activities with the aid of 10 years of experience and mass data from black industries on the level of 100 million.

Anti-Malice Registration

Identify possible malicious attempts from the get-go

Anti-Malice Login

Monitor logins, stop malicious auto-logins and other accesses

Message Filtering

Filter out spam messages with message patterns and our rich repertoire of experience

Keyword Detection

Hundreds of millions of users, accumulating a termbase of a million terms, with 8 smart matching modes; able to identify various modifications and match accordingly with incredible accuracy.

File Detection

Utilize the mass virus sample library provided by Tencent PC Manager